Porch Renovation

The client owns a Bed & Breakfast, and had both bad anchors for the handrails and rot in the top floorboards.

Cutting away the rotted top, we discovered the top joists needed to be replaced for safety.

Besides the obvious rot, we found the supports for the porch not firmly based (right) and not to code.

New Pressure Treated wood is slid into the holes in the stone columns, stair supports are installed and bracing is put in.

We could not leave the old rickety supports there, so we added Pressure Treated posts and concrete supports. The solid feeling is a real plus.

We got original tongue and groove fir flooring; painted the back and sides for a long-lasting finish, and installed the boards and new handrail keepers. The owner wanted to do the painting.

Conclusion: The owner of this Edwardian guest house now has a solid, pleasing and structurally sound front porch for his guests to enjoy.