Deck Installation

The clients are busy professionals, so they specified a minimal maintenance deck to watch their grandchildren play and to entertain for an upcoming wedding.

First layout of deck copy: what shape & where we will build.

Precise measuring for support tubes completed. This is a deck supported in from the edge (cantilevered), and so the supports must be precisely laid out. It shows the care we put in.

All support joists laid out. We were one of the first to use a plastic anti-water coating (Grace Vycor) to stop water soaking into the exposed pieces of supports, and when it gets dirt inside, you can just hose it out.

Completed. The customer ordered a no-back bench following the contour of the deck. It looks great.

Job Details:
  • excavation below grade to ensure solid foundations
  • ongoing consultations with the client changed the size of the deck to reflect their needs
  • changed buried natural gas line to "exposed" specifications
  • specified and installed fasteners (Strongtie) rated for the pressure treated wood used
  • framing overbuilt by 35% to ensure solid feeling when using the deck
  • the supporting structure was covered by a butyl tape to stop water getting into the joists and to stop debris from staying between the deck pieces
  • "Trex®" plastic composite used to minimize maintenance.

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