Case Study: Deck Reno - Maintenance-free deck replaces a hazardous add-on

Initial Inspection:

The original back porch was added on to with a deck, at two different levels. A tripping hazard.

The porch roof was held up by 2 of these add-on posts.

Between the original porch and the add-on deck, these plywood braces were joining the rotting framework.

All deck posts rested directly on the concrete pad which promoted rotting.

Once the deck & porch were gone, we discovered significant rot on the side of the house.

We removed the concrete around the rot and for the stair landing.

Preparatory Repair:

After removing all trace of rot, we put in water protection to current code, added drip flashing and gravel to drain the water, then poured concrete for the staircase.

All the new posts are on appropriate bases off the concrete so they won't rot.

Renovation Details:

After the deck was framed and plywood applied, we took the old joists (old growth Fir) and machined them to make supports for the new roof instead of sending them to the dump.

The homeowners asked us to supply a maintenance free surface, so the appropriate coloured and longest warrantied vinyl cover was installed. We also hid the exposed surfaces with cedar shakes, primed trim and of course, metal flashing.

The customer chose the railings and colour, and we installed the roof over the door using the recycled wood brackets.

The homeowner also asked us to replace the rotted trim, and make a new canopy over the storage area. The supports needed to be small enough that basketball players would not get injured.

Final Result:

There is only one measure of success in any project or restoration: the impact of the job on the homeowner, in terms of cost, quality, and timing. The following was the final result from this deck renovation: