Bathroom Renovation

Tough job. Tough client. Satisfaction delivered.

This is a "before" of John's bathroom. We were called in because the shower wall was soft, tiles were loose & falling and the Council were concerned there was rot in the exterior wall.

The tiles came off too easily, and once we had the tiles and drywall off, and we removed the insulation, we discovered the first few holes in the sheathing.

The more rot we discovered going left, and right, the more alarmed we became.

While the sheathing was bad enough, we also discovered the framing was totally rotten.

Even the window frame was rotted - but in this case, the window was not the problem.

The rot continued around the corner and inside the other section of the column.

Re-framed and closed up, foam (Enerfoam) is used to eliminate air entry.

Insulation in a damp area is always Mineral Wool (Roxul), covered with vapour barrier.

With the interior secure, we sheath the outside, caulk and prime.

Where the weather will hit, we use exterior grade, faced MDO plywood (Crezone).

We use a peel and stick membrane to ensure water will not get in again.

The result, inside, a newly tiled, water secured shower.