New Basement Suite

The homeowner needed some bedrooms for her family, and a guest room..

Here is a before picture of the first bedroom, with the wall stripped.

Here is the same room completed and furnished.

One room had an old 1950's bar complete with rope-wrapped support post.

Here is the room after the renovation. We now have a bedroom there, and in place of the bar, we put a closet and a complete storeroom

Here is the second bedroom before the renovation, with a non-closable window.

Here is the room after the renovation, with new walls, ceiling, and window.

Job details:
  • A large empty space was divided, and the '50s Rec Room bar removed.
  • The old wall covering was removed, and we removed the old windows which were leaking
  • The walls were reframed and insulated
  • The entire space was rewired
  • New windows were installed
  • We made a separate storeroom, and a closet for each room.

Conclusion: an old and drafty basement with wasted space now has new bedrooms with closets, expanded storage, proper insulation, and new windows.