Basement Renovation

Complete basement renovation, including multiple rooms, redo of laundry room to embed pipes in the wall, new insulation, new wiring, all framing and finishing.

Here is a before picture of the west wall.

Here is the same room completed and furnished.

Here is a before picture of the north wall.

Here is the room after the renovation.

Job details:
  • masonite and paper “insulation” was removed to expose the framing.
  • installation of bolts between the concrete ledge and the framing (something older houses are often missing)
  • application of insulation, including stud cavities, and addition of rigid foam to ensure good insulation values, as well as foaming a good bead (using Enerfoam) along any joint which might leak air from outside to inside, followed by vapour barrier
  • additional electrical circuits added, complete rewiring to bring house up to code, new meter box installed on exterior
  • continual access to laundry facilities maintained during renovation
  • as per homeowner's request, all inlet pipes were buried inside the walls using PEX plastic tubing
  • the laundry area was completely reworked for efficiency, and shelving cut and added to create additional storage

In process: new insulation and vapour barrier, framing for the new window, updating the electrical wiring, embedding laundry pipes in the wall.

Conclusion: a vastly improved living space with the house properly secured to the foundation, safe and updated wiring, new windows, and expanded usability from embedding the pipes in the walls. A multifaceted job that covered all our areas of expertise.